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Welcome To Our Scion Society!
Yes, welcome to the Hated Rivals on the Surrey Shore, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We're the new scion in town, dedicated to the enjoyment of Sherlock Holmes in all his cultural appearances.

We welcome anyone who enjoys Holmes, whether you've read the original stories and can recite every plot of every one or think that Watson really was the dolt that Nigel Bruce portrayed him as. (He wasn't, but we won't hold that against you.) Check out our Contacts page if you live in the Indianapolis area and want to get in touch (or even just to write and say "Hi"). Let the game be afoot!

What You'll Find On This Site
We intend to continue working on our site as we grow so that it does, too. For now, however, here's a brief rundown of what each page delivers if you click its link, in the column to the left:

Home Page: You're looking at it. This page is your introduction to the Hated Rivals on the Surrey Shore and our Web site. (We could have named it the "Holmes Page" but too many others already do that, and we hate to be unoriginal, so we kept the host's original page title.)

About Page: Here you find a short history of the Hated Rivals along with brief bios of our co-founders. We intend to link to bios of other Hated Rivals in the future.

Contact Page: Should you wish to get in touch with us, you'll find the pertinent information on this page, including e-mail links to use.

What's New Page: If you want to know quickly what we've added since the last time you visited this site, check this page. We'll include updates telling you where to look and for what. We also list info about coming meetings on this page.

Publications Page: We provide links on this page to our newsletters to date, as well as articles and other items that we plan to post. (You also find links to our first two newsletters on this page.)

Favorite Links Page: This page provides links to other Sherlockian, Victorian, and miscellaneous sites that we think you may find of interest.

And that's what our site currently offers. Take a look around, and you're sure to find something of interest if you're an aficionado of Sherlock Holmes and the Victorian Age.

Welcome To Our Newsletter
We intend to post not only our newsletter but other publications here on the site. For now, however, if you'd like to read our very first newsletter, just click this link: From the Surrey Shore, Vol. 1, No. 1.

And to read our second newsletter, click From the Surrey Shore, Vol. 1, No. 2.

Those first two newsletters give you a basic idea of who we are and our scion's outlook on the hobby. Look to our Publications Page for a new newsletter every other month (as well as these) -- and check back there for other postings from time to time as well!

What About You?
What sort of information would you like to see on our site? What links? What in the way of graphics? (We're working on that, but for now we're mainly a text-only site -- except for the filler graphics from the host's templates.) If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know at the following e-mail address.
E-mail the Surrey Shore!

Wot, Still 'Ere?
That's all we have here on our Holmes -- oops! Home -- Page (gotta watch out for that sneaky unoriginality). Go ahead and check out the rest of the site. If we add more text here, you'll be the first to know -- promise! ('Course, if'n ye wants ta moike sure o' that, feel free ta send us a ha' penny or two -- what say ye, Gov?)

All text on this site Copyright 2002 by The Hated Rivals on the Surrey Shore, unless otherwise noted, and may not be reproduced without permission.

The Case of the Sinking Sun!
Sherlock Holmes is baffled! What's happening to the sun? Fortunately, Barker is on the case. But he needs all the help he can get. Send him your deduction as to why the sun is sinking out of sight (site?).
Mr. Barker: Here's my deduction!