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Send e-mail to the Surrey Shore as follows:

Contact Addresses

Hated Rivals on the Surrey Shore
c/o Bill Barton
P.O. Box 26290
Indianapolis, IN 46226-0290

Online Contact Info
Web Site
On the Surrey Shore

Note: Sometimes our e-mail routing doesn't work correctly, and occasionally our mail host misfiles e-mails into a Junk folder and deletes them before we can get to them. If you e-mail us and don't get an answer within two weeks, please keep on trying till you do get a response. (Our apologies for such technical difficulties.)

Feel free, however, to send us an e-mail or just write us an old-fashioned letter. You can also submit Sherlockian/Victorian articles, pastiches, poems and other writings for our consideration in posting on the site. If you want to send us anything else, that's fine, too, as long as it's both edifying and legal. (No orange pips, letters to Porlock, or similar items. Please send all hate mail c/o Professor Moriarty, Newgate Prison, London.)