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Other Places that We Recommend on the Web
You're probably already familiar with a number of Sherlockian/Victorian sites on the Internet, but we provide links to some of them here for your convenience. (And who knows--we may turn up one or two that you're just not familiar with.) And if you know of any must-visit Sherlockian or Victorian sites that we don't mention (or that the sites that we do include don't link to), please let us know. If they look useful enough, we may add them, too.

In the meantime, you can check out the Hated Rivals Web page on the Indianapolis Star Web site or the Hated Rivals Photo page on the Worldwide Sherlockian Who's Who site. Enjoy!

Four Top Sherlockian Sites
Sherlockian.Net Chris Redmond's "Holmespage," makes the claim that "everything the Web has to offer about Sherlock Holmes is here." And he's very nearly right (although we do know of a site or two not yet linked to Sherlockian.net)! The site offers scores and scores of links to sites about Holmes, Doyle, Victorian England and London, and Sherlockian societies, books, pictures, games, audio files, actors, dealers, pastiches, parodies, food -- you name it! The only disappointment is that many of the links are broken (although that's to be expected with so many links listed and the volatibility of the Internet).
Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press The Web page of former Baker Street Journal editor Peter Blau's informative Sherlockian newsletter of that name. Not only can you find the current issue here in TXT format, but Peter now has posted all his past newsletters, ranging back to 1985. A great source of Sherlockian books, news, and miscellanea.
Sherlocktron An Internet information center for Sherlock Holmes, the Sherlocktron site includes lists of Sherlockian scions around the world, whether active or inactive, geographical, professional, or other. Other lists feature publications and sellers of Sherlockiana, and the site provides a miscellany of links to other sites Sherlockian (or related). Your first stop for making contact with Sherlockians anywhere.
The Sherlock Holmes Atlas This site offers some great maps of the world, circa 1890, and links to the Canonical locations on each one. (Although only England, Europe, North America, and Australia are currently mapped.) Good for placing various canonical locations on the very different maps of the late Victorian world.

Other Favorite Sherlockian (or Victorian) Sites
The Worldwide Holmesian Photo Gallery This Who's Who of Sherlockian Societies Around the World offers photos of members of various scions, along with bios and e-mail addresses of many, plus contact info for all the scions represented. If you've corresponded with any Sherlockians you've never met, you may be able to discover what they look like here.
Sherlock Holmes Online This is the Sherlockian portion of the Web site of Caliber Comics, publishers of the Sherlock Holmes Reader. The site includes "A Holmes Primer" and information on the stories and various pastiches, as well as on Holmes, Doyle, and their world. Other features include a quiz, quotations, minute mysteries, and plenty of links. You can also purchase any of the four issues of the Reader currently available.
GenDocs Geneological Research Pages No, this isn't a mistake. Although designed for geneological research, the GenDocs site is one of the best around for details about Victorian London. It includes a Victorian London street index, lists of London churches, cemeteries, lodging houses, police divisions, pubs, and more! Filled with tidbits to whet the appetites of those interested in Sherlock Holmes' London.
Dictionary of Victorian London In the same vein--but even fuller--is this site, which offers a plethora of information about London in the Victorian era from a wide range of period resources, including Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879, Henry Mayhew's works on the London poor, and other Victorian sources. You find essays, lists, and information on clothing, crime, cemeteries, entertainment, maps, housing, politics, religion, shopping, the weather, and words and expressions, among other topics. Great background material to make the Holmes stories come even more alive!
The Victorian Web Another useful site for learning more about the Victorian period. Includes essays on the Victorians themselves, political and social history, philosophy, technology, economics, religions, and science, among other subjects. It's not as accessible to the general reader as some sites, and essays range from a few sentences to pages, but a wealth of information if the Victorian Age fascinates you. Most essays contain links to other sites providing more in-depth coverage of the topic.
Casebook: Jack the Ripper We couldn't leave you without at least one link to a site devoted to Victorian London's most famous criminal (after Professor Moriarty, of course). The Casebook site offers perhaps the most extensive coverage on the Web for the amateur Ripperologist. (Its subtitle as "The World's Largest Public Repository of Ripper-Related Information" is well-deserved.) You find descriptions of all the Ripper murders, victims, major suspects, police officials involved, and official documents, plus reviews of various Ripper books (most of which you can buy from the site), a timeline, articles on Victorian London, games, articles, and original Ripper fiction--even a Ripper message board (although none from Saucy Jack that we saw). All that's missing are links to other Ripper sites. (Maybe Jack cut 'em out?)
SHADoWS: The Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Who Site Sorry--we couldn't resist! This quirky little site mixes the mythologies of Sherlock Holmes and the BBC's Dr. Who -- a time- and space-traveling Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. But as some of us are old sci-fi buffs and have no qualms about mixing genres, we happen to like it. Plus, it's part of the Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Web Ring, so from SHADoWS, you can access many other Sherlockian/Doylean sites that also belong to the Web Ring. (And the timelines on this site are fun as well as informative.)
Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana This site is an A to Z index of characters from Victorian fiction, from the well-known (A.J. Raffles, Capt. Nemo, Dracula) to the relatively obscure (Sexton Blake, Varney the Vampyre, Loveday Brooke) to the "Huh?" category (Inspector Burket, Old Cap Collier, Dr. Jack Quartz). The site includes brief biographies and cites book and magazine appearances of individual characters and groups (Lady Detectives, Martians, and so on) -- and even tosses in a few locations, such as Oz and the Castle of Otranto, and oddities such as "Vril." You find links to online texts and other sources, where available. Also links to the author's similar site on characters from later pulp fiction. If you want to know something about some character from 19th-century fiction, this is the site for you.
The Victorian Gamer This site is an e-zine devoted to the Victorian era and providing information on 19th-century culture, history, politics, and technology -- along with book reviews of Victorian fiction (period and modern), Victorian recipes, and a potpourri of other data. Although mainly geared toward role-playing gamers, the site boasts enough unique information for almost any Victorian enthusiast to enjoy.