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What's New on the Surrey Shore?

Latest Update, 11/6/05: Our latest newsletter is now posted on our Publications page. Look for all the details for the upcoming November 20, 2005, Film Fest meeting, in From the Surrey Shore, Vol 4, No. 5.

Note:We've been having some problems receiving e-mail recently; if you e-mail us and you don't hear back, please try again until you get a response. We will answer every e-mail that we receive! Thanks!

Update of 3/16/04: Check out our Publications page for a new article ("Menace, Mayhem, and Moriarty: Crime in Victorian London"), a new song ("The Twelve Nights of the Canon"), and a new pastiche ("The Critique"). Our February newsletter is also posted for your reading pleasure, also on our Publications page.

Update of 11/13/03: Russell's e-mail address has changed to rivalrussell221b@hotmail.com because the original e-mail address was stolen. (It's a shame people think they have to do things such as that, but that's why the world today so badly needs a force for justice, just as the Victorian world had Sherlock Holmes.) So if you receive an e-mail from Russell's old address (just rivalrussell, without the 221b), beware--it is a counterfeit and not from your beloved Hated Rivals, but a modern day Moriarty or, perhaps, a Baron Gruner.

Update of 10/31/03: Our October newsletter, with info about and directions to our November meeting, is now posted on our Publications page (and see the lower right column for tentative dates and themes for 2004).

Update of 9/29/03: We've added two new articles and additional Sherlockian song lyrics to our Publications page. Enjoy!

Update of 9/3/03: The August issue of our newsletter, describing our September meeting, is now online. Look for additional updates in the next couple weeks!

Special Notice: Due to a lightning strike (probably resulting from Moriarty experimenting with Tesla technology) that knocked out a modem, any e-mail sent to our Web site e-mail address in the past several months has become inaccessible. If you've sent us an e-mail any time since early May and not received a reply, please resend it. We've currently changed the forwarding to an accessible account while working on repairs to the original. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Update of 6/20/03: The June issue of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter is up on our Publications page. Enjoy!

Update of 5/23/03: Newly posted on our Publications page are an article and a pastiche by two of our members: "The Chemistry of Sherlock Holmes," by Louise Haskett, and "The Adventure of the Pink Bouquet," by Jon Burroughs, both back in print for the first time in almost 20 years!

Update of 5/15/03: The latest issue of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter is now up on our Publications page. (Note the new date for our May meeting. Our VP, Russell, is unavailable on the original date, and as you all know if you've attended one, it isn't really a Hated Rivals meeting without her.)

Update of 2/20/03: Vol. 2, No. 1 of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter is now posted on the Publications page, along with an expanded version of that newsletter's "Cult of Sherlock Holmes?" article. See also updates to our notes about our next meeting in the column to the right.

Update of 12/27/02: Check out the column to the right for 2003 meeting info! We've also posted Vol. 1, No. 6 of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter, an article on "Afghanistan in the Victorian Age," solo and duo versions of the original Sherlockian song parody "A Three Pipe Problem," and another song parody related to our recent Afghanistan meeting, "The 'I Feel Like Bin Laden's Fixin' To Die' Rag," all on our Publications page.

Update of 10/25/02: Issue 5 of our newsletter is now online on the Publications page. We've also had to change the site's e-mail address due to a change in our host's e-mail policy, so make note of the new address. As of Nov. 1, only that address will be working.

Update of 8/29/02: Check out the advance info on our next two meetings at the bottom of the column to the right on this page. We've also posted Issue 4 of our newsletter, plus several new articles, on the Publications page. Enjoy!

Update of 6/21/02: Issue 3 of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter is now posted on our Publications page. Check it out!

New Pages!
We've added a Favorite Links and a Publications page to our site. The former includes links to other Sherlockian/Victorian Web sites that we like, and the latter includes links to our currently posted newsletters and a short article musing on Sherlock Holmes' birthday. Check back to see how the Publications page grows. (We've also replaced the generic filler text on our Home page with specific, Hated Rivals filler text. Check it out if you missed it on first arriving here.)

Our Scion's History is Online
Visit our About page for a brief history of the Hated Rivals on the Surrey Shore and bios of our co-founders!

Our Newsletters Are Online, Too!
If you haven't scrolled down our Home page, you may not have noticed the links to our first two newsletters, "From the Surrey Shore." We plan to post these to the site every other month (but on the Publications page from now on) -- so if you don't get the hard-copy or e-mail version, feel free to print or download them from the site (and please bear with the host's banner ads at the top). From this point on, look for Meeting Notes in the newsletters rather than on this page. (Although you can still read about our first two meetings here and find info on future meetings in our Calendar section, to the right.)

Our First Scion Meeting!
We held the first ever meeting of The Hated Rivals on the Surrey Shore on Saturday, January 5, 2002, from 1:30 to 4 p.m at the Lawrence North Library on North Hague Road in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Those up on their Sherlockian trivia know that weekend to include the generally accepted date for Holmes' birthday--Jan. 6. In keeping with the tradition, we celebrated the birthday of the Master Detective of Baker Street with cake and drinks. We were joined by Will Higgins and his family. Will is a columnist for the Indianpolis Star and featured our fledgling scion in his column the following Monday. (A column that netted us at least one new, dedicated member!) After the interviews were over, we planned out several upcoming meetings, which promise Sherlockian fun for all who attend.

For a rundown of all our meetings so far, see our From the Surrey Shore newsletters, posted on our Publications page.

Our 2005 Meeting Schedule

Sunday, January 9: A Victorian Tea, Holmes Birthday Party, and Farewell to Russell!
Join the Hated Rivals at our 3nd annual Victorian Tea and Sherlock Holmes Birthday Party, from 1 to 4 p.m., at the Hamilton Country Historical Society Jail Museum, in Noblesville, IN. Along with the Victorian tea (tea, scones, sandwiches, etc.--feel free to contribute!), the program will include a talk on Laurie R. King's Mary Russell novels, a special Sherlockian tribute song to our departing Russell (who's off to the Peace Corps following this meeting), a tour of the facility, and lots of great Sherlockian fellowship. For details, see our From the Surrey Shore newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 6, on our Publications page.

Sunday, March 13: A Bit O' the Blarney? No--It's Baker Street's Other Master Sleuth!
Join the Hated Rivals at the Claddagh Irish Pub, 3935 E. 96st St., in Indianapolis, from 1-4 p.m. for a special pre-St. Patrick's Day celebration. Along with the good eats at Claddagh and the great Sherlockian fellowship, the program will include, in keeping with this year's theme of the Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, a talk on Baker Street's Other Master Sleuth, Sexton Blake. (See Vol. 4, No. 1 of our newsletter, on our Publications page, for directions and details.)

Saturday, May 1: The Magic of Sherlock Holmes!
The Hated Rivals hit the road to Ellettsville, Indiana, for a 19th-century magic-lantern presentation, a tour of The White Elephant, and lots of food, fellowship, and great Victorian ambiance.

Sunday, July 10: Our Annual Barker Birthday Bash! 
Another soiree for our scion's namesake will be held at Lord Ashley's Pub & Eatery, on East Washington Street, in Indianapolis. The program again includes a paper on the birthday boy, Barker, this one written by author (and Hated Rival) Will Thomas on Barker and Baritsu. For meeting details, see Vol. 4, No. 3 of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter, on our Publications page. Plus--the Return of Russell!

Sunday, September 4: A Sherlockian Pitch-in!
Once more we'll be venturing down to Ellettsville, Indiana, to The White Elephant for more food and great Sherlockian fellowship. We'll be meeting from 1-4 p.m. for our first pitch-in. Check out our August 2005 edition of From the Surrey Shore (Vol. 4 No. 4) on our Publications page for details, directions, and instructions on what to bring.

Our Next Meeting:

Sunday, November 20: Our Second Sherlock Holmes/A.C. Doyle Mini-Film Fest!
Grab your popcorn once again and get ready for some great Sherlockian film viewing. (And forget the popcorn--snacks will be provided for free.) We're holding our second (free!) Sherlock Holmes/A.C. Doyle Mini-Film Fest this November 20, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., at the Nora Library, 8625 Guilford Ave. (at the corner of Guildford and 86th Street). The featured presentation is the original, silent film version of The Lost World, starring Professor George Challenger, along with a few Sherlockian shorts. (See Vol. 4, No. 5 of our From the Surrey Shore newsletter, on our Publications page, for details.)

Obscure Finds In Sherlockiana

Those interested in Sherlockian gaming with a modern twist may also want to check out our co-founder's role-playing game So Ya Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Role Star! A Rock 'N' Role-Playing Game, which features the Sherlockian rock group Sherlock & the CDs. For more information, check out the "I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere" section of our second "From the Surrey Shore" newsletter, which you can link to from our Home page. Or check out the link to Bill Barton Games on our About page, where you can Rock -- er, make that Sherlock -- On!

For additional information about what's new (or otherwise obscure) in Sherlockiana and Victoriana, please check out the "I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere" sections of our newsletters, beginning with Vol. 1, No. 2. (You find links to our first two newsletters on our Home page and links to all our currently posted newsletters on our Publications page.)